Phew!  I think I have finally mastered? Word Press.  At one point there I could have sworn that I needed Word Press For Dummies, and eh hem, I did sort of look it up, and it does exist?  Why make it so difficult?  I figure I’m a reasonably intelligent person; simple instructions would have had my blog up and running a few weeks ago.  Actually, I signed up for WordPress a few years ago, but I never did use it because of this same issue.  Well now Mr. WordPress, I’ve got you mastered.

You, dear reader, have now come to my Reflections page, which in essence, is going to be my blog spot.  Since the focus of this blog is to showcase my writing, I will keep my musings to a minimum, but if I ever do rant, rave or rally around something, you’ll find that here.

Thank you as always for listening to me. Do comment away.



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