5 comments on “Hope And A Prayer

  1. I think hope is one of the most universal thoughts that we can have, after all without hope how can one even begin to think ahead? Even in the horribleness of cancer, hope is refreshing, and although everyone on this planet succumbs to the journey that is life, hope brings us ever closer to understanding what living is all about. I really like your style of writing Susi, you have a gift for offering such versatility in your work and to me that is refreshing also.

    Have a lovely Thursday my dear friend…

    Andro xxx


    • Am I being redundant? But really your comments have made my day! I have gone away from some of the naughty stuff for awhile….just for awhile 🙂 Glad to have you back; glad to have you here. Have a great Thursday yourself.

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      • Naughty and nice are a fine blend and keeping them apart or together in your work is a personal preference 🙂 Just keep adding to your quality writing Susi
        and enjoy every moment 🙂

        Andro xxx


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