10 comments on “Short Lived

  1. interesting to speculate … lots of metaphor … almost every sentence … is it about obsession .. could it be about the dual nature of man/womankind? is it about the failed attempts of men to relegate women to positions of subserviance in the patriarchal world we live in and more … or, is it just about sex? i think it’s art at a higher level than usual … since i have spent time thinking about the story and maybe each person who reads it will have a different interpretation …, therefore … (i think) the story enables us to plumb our own depths … to find something within ourselves that we didn’t know before we read it … ks … other than that, i think it’s a strange and wonderful story … ks


    • Thank you so much for responding. I like where your comment goes, opening up some of the deeper thoughts I had as I wrote it. Definitely there was obsession about self/sexuality. The bigger theme I guess was that based on stereotypes racial/gender/age etc. Of course, I leave it to each reader to find his or her own meaning.

      Much obliged,


      • you’re welcome … i certainly understood the sexual references and could go into that more deeply … but there were other aspects as well, at least i thought there were … that i could ask you about but i’m pressed for time and i can be VERY over analytic. ks thanks and thanks … ks

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