3 comments on “Dancing To Your Own Drum

  1. I love the wonderful recollections in this delightfully written piece, it is enhanced by all the sweet memories and how you have portrayed them is even richer in content. Your Uncle Will sounds really nice to me, someone that knew who he was and didn’t have a care in the world about how others may have seen him, to me he is a very nice person, yes I don’t know him in reality but from your lovely write up I can appreciate what a fantastic guy he must have been.

    I know how much you loved him, a man that lived outside of the box, someone that was incredibly wise and knew how everything should be, and in his world it was. Wisdom is something precious and I can see that you learnt a nice balance, and remembered all those times that he offered his thoughts.

    I have really enjoyed reading this one Susi
    and thank you for offering it my sweet friend 🙂

    Andro xxx


    • (funniest thing…this is completely fictional…but so many others believe it to be real??? )

      Thank you for reading this. Actually, when I first wrote this, I really felt him real, and I feel I too learned from him. I guess that happens sometimes.


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