3 comments on “Wild Flowers

  1. These are often the forgotten peoples of our world, left in squalor, unloved by society’s greed. It is quite unbelievable that such a rich world can overlook such simple requirements, just to live life without wondering where the next meal comes from, or if the water will be clean enough to drink. We live in a world that forgets the everyday needs that those richly orientated peoples take for granted, which is a real shame I think. When will there be a change for the better?

    Yes life goes on, but the struggle continues for these poor souls, in time I hope that these shameful deeds of the rich and famous will be a thing of the past, we can only live on in the hope that these basic needs are fulfilled, perhaps an even greater happening will occur, and everyone on this planet will be equal. Now that would be welcomed, and would be a great miracle indeed.

    Andro xxx

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    • I witness this every day….and it truly makes me appreciate every time I am sated on either food or drink; every time I can choose what to wear, and when to sleep. Just all of the simple, ordinary things. Thank your empathetic soul for understanding this. 🙂

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      • You are welcome Susi, I too feel for those poor souls, the world is full of hatred and greed, and it wouldn’t take much to give the poorer people of our earth a better quality of life.

        Have a lovely Monday Susi 🙂

        Andro xxx


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