7 comments on “The Ten Commandments

  1. LOL 🙂

    This is awesomely written and had me laughing in no time, you can certainly write Susi, and bloody brilliantly too, pardon the swearing, but it’s true. Have a fantastic Thursday and keep adding to your fine array of artistic offerings. When is your next book out by the way, I mean you just have to be a best selling author with your incredible talents 🙂 If not now, you will be in the near future…

    Andro xxx


    • You just made my day!!! It is hard getting, and then impossible getting them to even leave a little comment of encouragement. You have done both, and I am thrilled. Thanks love…glad you enjoyed “her.”

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      • I enjoyed my visit greatly, you are a fine writer that adds such a realistic energy to your work, a creativity that shines and I will continue to call in and read your stories and poems.

        I might be a little bit sporadic as I am not writing or posting very much in WP at the moment, but don’t think that I will abandon you because I won’t.

        Today I am simply catching up with peeps and adding a few replies here and there, with a view of returning to WP in the near future.

        Have a lovely Monday Susi 🙂

        Andro xxx

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      • I have been taking a bit of time out from G+ over the weekend and I don’t think that I will be on this week very much either, I am swamped with work so if I am not commenting before Thursday (here and on G+) then don’t be thinking that I have forgotten you, I haven’t, and I will be taking a look at all of your postings 🙂 You are such a versatile writer Susi and have a wonderful way of expression. Hey keep writing, have lots of fun doing so and enjoy the rush 🙂 I always do…

        Have a happy start
        to your Monday Susi 🙂

        Andro xxx

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      • Hey! On that note….I have something to write!!! I’ve been taking a break from writing and working on some of my artistic endeavours…it helps to clear my mind of all the mumbo jumbo…I have also taken a G+ break, so don’t worry, I’m not there to see what is going on either. Have a fantastic week G.D.. Will look for you later on in the week. 🙂


  2. I will be calling back next Thursday to read more and
    to backtrack further through your previous postings. In
    the meantime have lots of fun and enjoy everything my
    sweet friend 🙂

    Andro xxx


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